Lets Innovate, Sustain and Empower at JLC2024 from Jan 15th to Jan 19th

Driving Business Excellence through Innovation, Sustainability and Empowerment

Join us at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and empowerment in our exclusive leadership conference. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business, we believe in driving excellence through a powerful synergy of cutting-edge innovation, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and the transformative force of empowerment.

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Discover JLC24

What is JLC24?

JLC24 signifies the Jospong Group of Companies Conference scheduled to occur at the Pentecost Convention Center in Gomoa, commencing on the 15th of January and concluding on the 19th of January 2024.
Jospong Leadership Conference embraces the ethos championed by JGC, striving for a business landscape that prioritizes the betterment of people’s lives. Beyond profit margins, we believe in creating a positive and lasting impact on communities, employees, and society at large.
The mission of the JGC, is to be the leading environmental sanitation management company in Africa, with its vision aimed at “improving the lives of people and their environment”
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Driving Business Excellence

Innovating, Sustaining and Empowering to excel

Jospong Group’s core business is to identify gaps, churn out innovative businesses and build capacities to provide value and nurture them to become market leaders; fit to play on both the local and international markets.

Our Sub Groups

Our firm is capable of providing a broad range of services, which are categorized under the following service lines: