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About Us

There are 13 companies under this Group headed by Mr. Alex Atakorah. It comprises of the second most number of subsidiaries. Businesses under this Group are into manufacturing, building and construction, Automobile and equipment, Ports and Logistics Services, Agriculture and Agro business, Mining and quarry as well as oil and gas. 

These companies include Sino Africa, JSA Logistics, Amaris Terminal, Road Safety Management, JA Plantpool, JA Hiring, Yutong, Vehicle Assembly Plant, JA Quarry, Universal Plastic Production and Recycle, Ayensu Starch, Park House, JSA Farms. All are fully functional and are situated in various parts of the country.

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Why Choose Us

Diverse Nature

One of the most diversified Groups offering numerous opportunities for partnership in strategic management, technology transfer, technical and/or financial support

Solid Workforce

Boasts of a huge workforce of young and old talented and skilled personnel with a good balance in gender, race, and social stratification

Stable Economy

Our businesses are mostly situated in Ghana which is one of the most peaceful and stable economies in Africa.


The commercial and allied services group under the Jospong group boasts of the founding company, Appointed Time printing which is over 25-years

Well Resourced

We have a strong financial and infrastructural base in terms of equipment and facilities

Strong Relationship

We have built strong relationships with the government and other businesses.

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Environment & Sanitation

Commercial & Allied Services

Information Comm Technology


Jospong Group’s core business is to identify gaps, churn out innovative businesses and build capacities to provide value and nurture them to become market leaders; fit to play on both the local and international markets.

Our Sub Groups

Our firm is capable of providing a broad range of services, which are categorized under the following service lines: