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Creator Digital Ghana Limited is one of the best providers of top-range facilities and equipment for conferences and events. We also supply digital technology and broadcasting equipment.

Our credibility has set us on a progress course to continually provide total solutions for international events. The philosophy of the company, our strategy and the dedicated work of the company's employees have sustained a process of dynamic corporate development, despite the several challenges encountered in our line of work.

Our core business includes the design and fabrication of exhibition stands and general contracting and technical services for trade shows. We also have event halls and facilities for conferences and other events. Creator Digital Ghana Limited is an affiliate of Creator China, leading producers of digital technology and broadcasting equipment as well as security equipment for several years.

The company has expertise in providing facilities for international conferences in collaboration with its technical partners.

Contracts successfully executed recently include the following.

a.   Design and installation of Corporate Dashboard for the President of the Republic of Ghana

b.   Design, installation and operation of audio-visual facilities for the AGOA and African Union conferences held in Ghana.

c.   Design, installation and operation of facilities for the UNCTAD XII Conference with a capacity for 3,200 participants plus media personnel in Accra.

d.   Design, installation and operation of facilities for the World Bank’s 3rd High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness conference in Accra with a capacity for 2,500.

With real estate being one of the highest expense items on corporate balance sheets particularly in this ever changing world, investors, companies and government departments need advice and solutions from trusted experts with a unique blend of international and local knowledge that will help drive down costs, lower risks and improve financial performance and customer satisfaction.

We understand these challenges and have the strategic and intellectual levers to make this happen.

Subah Infosolutions is a leading IT and Telecommunications solution provider in Ghana. Subah’s business strategy seeks to explore a combination of world ­class collaboration with leading technology companies for joint execution of projects and knowledge transfer through direct recruitment of skilled professionals.

Our success is driven by the work­force and their commitment to delivering expected results by operating in a responsible manner and applying innovative and creative technologies to unearth new opportunities for sustainable growth. We have business solutions expertise, proven methodologies, global resources, as well as strategic partnerships with other industry leaders who collaborate with us to deliver our solutions that drive business growth.

We believe that our strength and service portfolio has the potential of catapulting the company’s operations into a world class ICT hub as well as positioning it for rapid growth in the medium to long term.

Established in 1998, UCL Financial Group is a diversified financial service provider based in Dhaka. UCL has operations in both the principal segments of financial market: Capital market and financing & investment activities. Together with its principal subsidiaries, UniCap Securities Limited and UniCap Investments Limited, UCL Group offers a wide range of complementary investment products like term/lease finance, SME finance, real estate finance, equity finance, etc., brokerage services, issue management, underwriting, portfolio management and corporate advisory services.

Millennium Insurance Company Limited is a private limited liability Company licensed as an insurer by the National Insurance Commission to underwrite non-life insurance business on 1st July 2011, in accordance with the Insurance Law 2006, Act 724. Millennium Insurance is a subsidiary of the Jospong Group of Companies which has innovated and successfully grown businesses in various sectors of the economy in Ghana and across Africa.

After 3 years of serving Ghanaians with simple, affordable and convenient banking, our understanding of retail and SME banking is profound.

This background is the foundation of our business philosophy, human resource management philosophy and our approach to customer service. We always aim at ensuring that every customer experience anywhere, anytime, will be superior.

Our banking services are delivered to customers in a rapid and exceptional manner across our branch network, E-Banking platforms and alternative channels.

As a fast growing bank in Ghana, we are dedicated to growing the next generation of African entrepreneurs through our simple and affordable products and services provided by our professional staff.

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The Jospong Group of Companies is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana with operations in other African countries and Asia.

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