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Salt mining is an important economic potential, of Keta. Vast opportunities abound in this area of economic activity and if fully exploited, the salt requirements of the West African sub-region could be met from this Municipality. Through a public private partnership between government of Ghana and ENTREPRENEURS CONSORTIUM, the Keta municipality will soon come alive as an investment destination with the establishment of an INDUSTRIAL SALT ESTATES. The proposed industrial salt estate will have an estimated capacity to produce 1,200,000 metric tons of raw salt per annum developed on a land parcel with an estimated area of 11,200 hectares. There is a two (2) way approach for the saltworks development. Phase 1 will have the potential of producing 600,000 metric tons of raw salt per annum and with the completion of Phase 2, the salt works will have the capacity to produce 1, 200,000 metric tons of raw salt. With the approval of the chiefs and people of Keta and the settlement of all land litigations in areas earmarked for the salt production coupled with governmental assistance, the company, Keta Salt Industrial Estates Ltd is positioned to commence salt mining in the Keta municipality this year. The KETA INDUSTRIAL SALT ESTATES is expected to produce sufficient volumes of salt to support the country’s petrochemical industry.

Yutong Ghana Ltd is a Private Limited Liability Company Registered Under The Laws Of Ghana. The company is registered to carry out business of sale of buses, leasing, hiring and General Merchants. SERVICES
Our main objective is to provide safe, reliable and affordable buses to our customers. We also provide an effective and excellent after-sales support in the following areas; Repairs and Maintenance, sale of genuine spare parts, training of drivers, operators and mechanics. We use our training center to upgrade the skills of drivers and mechanics.Yutong Ghana Limited has its head office in Accra and supported by allied service centers in all the 10 regional capitals.
We set high priority on training our staff, customers and bus users, as we believe that the availability and profitability of a company relies on the knowledge and competence of its manpower to carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Spare Parts
Yutong Zhengzhou China has over the years invested heavily in the area of spare parts for all its range of buses. Warehousing and spare parts sales outlets have been established at strategic locations. This ensures continuous supply of genuine spare parts for the duration of contracts and projects.

Jubilee Tractor Ghana Limited is a Ghanaian based company based in Kumasi. Its segments and product assembly lines include:
1. Secondary Tillage Machine-cultivators, leveling bade and offset disc harrower;
2. Sowing and planting machine-green drilling machine, planters and transplanters;
3. Harvesting machines - green harvesting machine, vegetable harvesting machine and root crop harvesting machine.
4. Crop processing - oilseed processing machinery, rice processing machinery, coffee processing machinery;
5. Irrigation System - sprinkler irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, micro irrigation systems;
6. Primary Tillage Machine - heavy disc harrowers, ploughs spade-diggers;
7. Tractor-knapsack sprayers, mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers;
8. Chemical Spraying Machine - knapsack prayers, mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers;
9. Chemical Fertilizing Machine - fertilizer applicators, fertilizer pumps;
10. Crop Drying Machine - coffee dryers, grain dryers, cocoa dryers.
Our services also include the sale of equipment, spare parts, after sale service and other related services. Our equipment can also be acquired through leasing or high purchase arrangements and all our equipment are assembled in-house.

Ghana’s discovery of oil in commercial quantities and the expected commencement of pumping from its offshore oil wells with predictions of eventual production of some 10 billion barrels of oil have brought to the fore high expectations of a prosperous country with a buoyant economy in the future.
This venture of great opportunity however comes with its corollary environmental hazards. In many oil-producing countries, food production, tourism and health of the people have been greatly undermined by oil spillage and other forms of environment pollution associated with the production of crude oil.
With similar threats staring Ghana in the face in the mist of its oil find and imminent increase in drilling activities, Zoomlion Ghana Limited has given birth to a subsidiary, Zoil Services Limited to position itself strategically to deal efficiently with any such threat to our environment.
With staff that has undergone training in Oil Spill Response and Management overseas and modern oil spill response equipment in place, Zoil sees itself as the most private entity in Ghana at the moment to effectively manage problem that will come with he exploration of Ghana’s oil.

UCS is a multinational facility management company, a partner of Campak Group of Turkey, a leading company that focuses on delivering quality environmental services by providing solutions that rely on environmentally friendly and technical innovations.

UCS has a mission of creating solutions for huge projects in the service sector by adding experience and knowledge.
UCS always monitors, incorporates and spreads innovation to be pioneer in the industry. The company has been operating in the industry for several decades with experience, quality and good-humoured service expanding customer base constantly and growing every day.

UCS provides holistic facility management services, security services, integrated services, cleaning and janitorial services, cesspit emptying services, landscaping services and pest control services. become a leading professional custodial and facility management company in the Ghana.

UCS Ghana provides services through an “Integrated Facility Management” service approach. The company provides one-stop-shop services, the first in the industry, encompassing:

1. Property Management

2. Facility Cleaning and Janitorial Services

3. Comprehensive Technical Maintenance and Repair

4. Security Services

5. Automation and Reception Management

6. Pest Control and Fumigation

7. Landscape and Garden Maintenance Services

8. Facility Parking Lot Management

9. Catering Services

10. Toll Booth Management

11. Industrial Laundry Services and

12. Support Services.

Rural Waste Services Limited provides waste management services for a wide range of corporate and industrial business setups. The company is equipped with the equipment required to manage waste streams characteristic to most of the economic activities carried out in Ghana. Depending on the generation rates and nature of the waste produced, specialised arrangements can be made with respect to the frequency of collection, storage method/equipment and disposal/treatment methods.

Our principal objective is to aid clients in managing waste generated in their immediate surroundings whilst ensuring “Duty of Care” is exercised and that these processes do not have a detrimental effect on the environment as a whole. In corporate and industrial setups where environmental management plans are present, we will review the contents (with respect to waste management), evaluate practices to determine feasibility with the original plan and current trends, if necessary communicate aspects which should be altered to benefit the organisation and subsequently arrive at a mutually agreed standard mode of operation.
At Rural Waste Services Limited we emphasize on reducing the amount of discarded material which is disposed at the landfill site.

In accordance, we have established a partnership with Accra Composting and Recycling Plant to supply organic waste to be converted, through a composting process to generate organic fertilizer, whilst the recyclable inert portion of the waste will be bailed and stored for future recycling processes. The fertilizer produced will be sold at a retail price on the market and at a significant discount for residents and business entities subscribed to our services.

Zoom Landscape and Beautification services (ZLB), is a landscape and horticulture company. ZLB has carved a niche in the landscape and horticultural industry with our specialty extending beyond soft and hard landscape. ZLB focuses on delivering quality landscape and horticultural services, with client satisfaction as a major priority. We have acquired experience through several landscape design, establishment and maintenanceworks.

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The Jospong Group of Companies is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana with operations in other African countries and Asia.

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