Keta Salt

Salt mining is an important economic potential, of Keta. Vast opportunities abound in this area of economic activity and if fully exploited, the salt requirements of the West African sub-region could be met from this Municipality. Through a public private partnership between government of Ghana and ENTREPRENEURS CONSORTIUM, the Keta municipality will soon come alive as an investment destination with the establishment of an INDUSTRIAL SALT ESTATES. The proposed industrial salt estate will have an estimated capacity to produce 1,200,000 metric tons of raw salt per annum developed on a land parcel with an estimated area of 11,200 hectares. There is a two (2) way approach for the saltworks development. Phase 1 will have the potential of producing 600,000 metric tons of raw salt per annum and with the completion of Phase 2, the salt works will have the capacity to produce 1, 200,000 metric tons of raw salt. With the approval of the chiefs and people of Keta and the settlement of all land litigations in areas earmarked for the salt production coupled with governmental assistance, the company, Keta Salt Industrial Estates Ltd is positioned to commence salt mining in the Keta municipality this year. The KETA INDUSTRIAL SALT ESTATES is expected to produce sufficient volumes of salt to support the country’s petrochemical industry.

Great Consolidated Diamond

The Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Limited (GCD Gh. Ltd) is a Ghanaian owned company with a strong conviction that the nation's natural resourcescould be harnessed to make significant contribution to the rapid development of the economy, by creating employment opportunities and improving the livelihood of the people in the community where the mine is based.
Since acquiring the company through the Ghana Government Divestiture Implementation Committee( DIC) in June 2011, the Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Limited has embarked on a strategic rehabilitation of the entire plant to include important technology and equipment. Mission, Vision, Values
The Mission of GCD Gh. Ltd is to Maximize Land Use to Benefit the Business and its Stakeholders During and Beyond Mining to the Glory of God. The Vision of the Company is to Become the Leading Homegrown and Sustainable Mining concern operating to World-class Standards,
• Return up to 1.5 million carats of Diamonds annually
• Enlist on the Ghana Stock Exchange within 5 years from 2013. Our Values enjoin us to demonstrate Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, People Centeredness and to Glorify God.
GCD Gh. Ltd. has an unshakable belief in the ability of the country's mining sector to turn the economy around and it is investing over $100 million in a five year multiphase itinerary that is aimed at uplifting the mining company to the international market. The company intends to be far more pragmatic and supportive to the agenda of reforming the Mines to be of total benefit to the people of this country than any mining company has ever done towards exploration and mining activity in the country.
Foreign Collaborations Sought
GCD Gh. Ltd. seeks partnership to pursue this vision in the provision of infrastructure, plant and expertise in diamond mining operations.

J. A. Quarry

J. A Quarry was established in 2007 under the laws of Ghana, with the core business of delivering quality quarry products for the construction and building industry. We employ superior and state-of-the-art technology and equipment with the view of maintaining the quality of the environment.

Production Capacity
With the capacity to produce over 400,000 metric tons of quarry products per year, J.A Quarry is the biggest quarry plant in Ghana currently. Equipment Holding
Our towering production capacity and dependable service delivery is the direct result of our possession of state-of-the art equipment for our operation. These include:
• High-Tech plant
• Excavator dumpers
• A broad range of bulldozers
• A large fleet of tipper trucks

Beneficiary Sector of our operations
1. ENERGY: J.A Quarry is a well equipped and strategically positioned to sufficiently meet the need of the multi-million dollar Bui Hydro project. The size of the project requires continues supply of quarry products of varying specifications over a very long construction period.
2. ROADS AND HIGHWAYS: The Company is also involved in the supply of different categories of quarry products for road construction currently being undertaken in various parts of the country.
3. WORKS AND HOUSING: J.A Quarry is reputed to be the best source of supply of materials of finest quality for the works and housing sector. Civil construction works across the country especially in the Savannah belt, are benefitting from our quality service and excellent delivery. Product Range
• Quarry Dust (0-5 mm)
• 3/8 (5-10 mm)
• ¾ (14-20 mm)
• Building ¾ (14-37 mm)
• Selected boulders
• Crush base materials (0-40mm)
• Quarry Waste
• 1/2 (10-14mm)
• Pre-mix (10-37mm)
• ½ (37-35mm)
• Unselected boulders We also produce to meet varying customer expectations.

The Jospong Group of Companies is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana with operations in other African countries and Asia.

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