Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong - Executive Chairman- Jospong Group of Companies
23 Jan 2020
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I want to thank the Almighty God for taking us through another year full of victories and his mercy. As I thank the Almighty God and you all for your effort and contribution in making 2019 a very successful year, I wish to take this opportunity to welcome you all to another year of success.

I find the year 2020 as a very significant year for a number of reasons. It is said to be the beginning or the end of a decade; It is an election year and it is also the 25th year of the establishment of the Jospong Printing Press, out of which today we have become a conglomerate! Glory be to God! All these remarkable milestones call for some introspection and a look at where we have come from; where we are; and where we want to go to!

Our theme for this year captures it all “Jospong: Building the Future Together! By the Grace of God, the small company which I started 25 years ago has grown into over 60 companies with thousands of employees. Today you have all become shareholders of the company. A company that we have to build for generations after us to benefit from. But how do we build this generational brand that will continue to exist even when we are gone? It is our Culture!

Building a sustainable business for the future does not happen overnight, we must continue to work harder, harnessing our collective efforts to build the future together, putting value on our Human Capital, our intellectual capital as well as our financial capital.

In this year 2020, I will entreat all of us that as we build the future together, let us live by our values which is the foundation of our culture and abide by the policies and procedures that we have developed for ourselves and I believe that, with God on our side, we will achieve our vision of being leaders in our sectors across the continent.

The Lord Almighty who has begun better things with us will surely see it to a perfect end.

God bless us all!


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