ZOIL Services Limited
10 Apr 2017
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ZOIL Services Limited

Ghana’s discovery of oil in commercial quantities and the expected commencement of pumping from its offshore oil wells with predictions of eventual production of some 10 billion barrels of oil have brought to the fore high expectations of a prosperous country with a buoyant economy in the future.
This venture of great opportunity however comes with its corollary environmental hazards. In many oil-producing countries, food production, tourism and health of the people have been greatly undermined by oil spillage and other forms of environment pollution associated with the production of crude oil.
With similar threats staring Ghana in the face in the mist of its oil find and imminent increase in drilling activities, Zoomlion Ghana Limited has given birth to a subsidiary, Zoil Services Limited to position itself strategically to deal efficiently with any such threat to our environment.
With staff that has undergone training in Oil Spill Response and Management overseas and modern oil spill response equipment in place, Zoil sees itself as the most private entity in Ghana at the moment to effectively manage problem that will come with he exploration of Ghana’s oil.

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