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Synchronous Learning – this is where groups of people are put together to learn the same thing at the same time and at the same pace.  It is a useful approach to learning that spawns cross-learning.  This, however, has its own challenges such as that people have different ways of learning and at individual paces.

Asynchronous Learning – Here people study individually and at their own pace.  It was through this concept that the Jospong Academy invested in the E-learning platform called the Talent Learning Management System (TalentLMS).  On this platform, there are over 300 courses in over 30 subject areas.  

Below is a list of the subject areas covered on TalentLMS:-

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Jospong Group’s core business is to identify gaps, churn out innovative businesses and build capacities to provide value and nurture them to become market leaders; fit to play on both the local and international markets.

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Our firm is capable of providing a broad range of services, which are categorized under the following service lines: