Our International Businesses


Over the years, the Jospong Group has immersed itself in the world of international business, understanding different cultures, and achieving a truly global perspective of doing business in various parts of the world. This accounts for our presence in other parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Gulf Nations.



Able Imports & Exports Trading Company Limited


AIETC provides its clients with research information on a wide range of products available within China’s market place. We act as a procurement agency for companies all over the world who are looking to buy Chinese supplies. We also offer quality transportation from various factories warehouse to various sea and air ports in china for onward delivery to any international destination of our client’s choice.

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Saif & Jos is a member of Jospong Group of Companies. Located in Dubai, it commenced operations in 1995. Because of the advantage of the location i.e. the fast development and the establishment of the economic status in Dubai, Saif & Jos General Trading L.L.C. has opened its doors to all the investors and businessmen who wants to be part of a challenging world and keeping pace with the break neck speed of development in the region, we have always strived to give the best to our customers in the Middle East, Africa and other regions, coupling competitive prices with efficient service.

We are focused on leading Conglomerate in the UAE, Middle East and West Africa. We create platforms for B2B contacts to add substantial value to the economic development of the countries within which businesses operate.

Saif and Jos values excellence and entrepreneurship, transparency, trust and commitment, continuous development, adherence to local law and respect for the people and culture.

Environmental sensitivity has been a part of Saif and Jos L.L.C.’s character. Saif & Jos ensure that all its raw materials, products and working conditions are environmentally friendly and conform to the highest international standards.

Rights of the employees and human rights are respected by Saif & Jos. While evaluating the performance of employees, Saif & Jos conduct itself professionally and takes into consideration the efficiency criteria of the employee according to working situation and study.

Our Services include Funding, Investments, Import & Export, Projects, Exhibitions, and Company Representation.

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SIncorporated a decade ago, the KS Group has grown phenomenally having diversified business interests including ICT, agriculture, waste management, SME’s, solar power, medical tourism & an international magazine to its name.

With diversified business interests and a solid positioning in the international market, the KS Group is currently active in more than 18 countries in the African continent. We have direct presence in, Sudan and Kenya.

Quality is an integral part of our commitment to offering world class customer service. For this we ensure that we manage our company with utmost professionalism, Updated our services with latest technologies, Conduct internal quality audits, Offer competitive rates and true value for money to our clients and Get regular feedback from our clients on the services they receive to improve on our short-falls

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