Quarry and Mining


Ghana has a long and prosperous mining history. More than 100 years ago, it was one of the first countries in West Africa to explore gold mining. An estimated $6.7 billion was invested in Ghana's mining and minerals sector between 1994 and 2008. This large influx of capital boosted the productivity of the industry. The Jospong Group and its partners are playing a significant roles in this industry and now is a very exciting time to enter the mining and quarrying industry as market prices are high and Ghana's mineral and stone deposits run deep.



J.A. Quarry


J. A. Quarry was established in 2007 with the mandate of delivering quality quarry products for the construction industry. In our operations, we employ superior, state-of-the-art technology and equipment with a view to maintaining the quality of the environment. J. A. Quarry is committed to total customer satisfaction as we strive to continuously improve our operations. Efficiency and effectiveness is our hallmark and we always deliver on our promise.

Beside the provision of construction materials for the Bui Power Project, J. A. Quarry has expanded its operations to include other civil construction projects. With the capacity to produce over 400,000 metric tonnes of quarry products per year, J.A Quarry is the biggest quarry plant in the country currently. Efforts are constantly being made to increase this capacity to meet the quarry needs of Ghana’s vibrant and rapidly expanding construction industry.

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Great Consolidated Diamond Ghana Limited


The need for mineral extraction and production is an essential activity of modern society. We in Great Consolidated Diamond Limited (GCDL) believe that mining in Ghana can be great source of employment opportunities for our youth and can be great source of wealth for the rapid development of our country. The GCDL is a company that is absolutely determined to raise the living standards of the people of this country. This ambition requires investments in areas that can generate wealth and bring improvement to the economic growth and productivity. We see our mining sector which is not only a natural resource but a pride of our heritage as playing a big role in contributing to those goals.

We firmly believe that our natural resources have the potential to make significant contribution to our prosperity and our economic development. We are going to be far more responsible pragmatic and supportive to the agenda of reforming the mines to be of total benefit to the people of this country. GCDL is absolutely determined to improve the living standards of Ghanaians.

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Keta Salt


Salt mining is one economic potential that Keta, a town in the Volta Region of Ghana has. Vast opportunities abound in this area of economic activity and if fully exploited, the salt requirements of the West African sub-region could be met from this Municipality. The Keta Industrial Salt Estates has the capacity to produce sufficient volumes of Salt to support the country’s Petrochemical Industry. As part of our medium term projections, we intend to, in partnership with other stakeholders, establish a Caustic Soda Plant. This Caustic Soda Plant is targeted at serving the nations’ bauxite industry as well as the aluminum industry among others. The localized nature of our operations to a large extent creates job opportunities for the indigenes while ultimately opening up the area to investments. Surely, an industrial salt estate has the potential and more, to transform the Keta Municipality, a previous trading post into an industrial hub.

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