Waste Management


Over the years, Waste management had been an albatross around the neck of community authorities in Ghana. Particularly in our major cities, where over 5,000tons of solid waste is generated daily. Undoubtedly, The Jospong Group has carved a niche for itself as being the solution to this problem that befalls developing countries like Ghana. Waste Management has become more efficient in Ghana and indeed in Africa as a result of our innovative approach and influence in this sector.



Zoomlion Ghana Limited


Zoomlion Ghana Limited is a giant in the waste management as well as environmental sanitation business in Ghana and Africa as a whole. The company which was formed in 2006 with a few numbers of staff now has a total core staff of 3,000 and manages over 85,000 workers under various forms of Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Zoomlion also operates in other African countries such as Togo, Angola, Zambia and Equatorial Guinea and Liberia while negotiations are far advanced for the company to start operations in other African countries such as Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan and Nigeria .

Zoomlion is very proud of some of its remarkable international operations which include offering janitorial and environmental sanitation services during the African Cup of Nations in Ghana In 2008 and the African Cup of Nations in the Ultra-modern 11th November Stadium in Luanda, Angola in the year 2010.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited seeks first and foremost to satisfy clients and customers by continuously improving upon operations to make them cost-effective.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited is committed to building long-lasting relationship with our private sector customers (industry, etc), Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) of central Government, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly (MMDAs) or local Authorities, and the communities we serve not excluding even our competitors in the industry, who we would prefer to refer to as partners in the business of keeping Africa and Ghana Clean, Green, Healthy and Salubrious.


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Zoomlion Domestic Services Limited


Zoomlion Domestic Services Limited is a fully Ghanaian owned company registered under the Laws of the Republic of Ghana that focuses on delivering quality Environmental Services by providing excellent domestic waste management solutions that rely on environmentally friendly technical innovations.

ZoomLion Domestic Services Ltd seeks first and foremost, to satisfy our clients by continuously improving our operations to make them efficient and cost effective.

The company is wholly committed to building long lasting and closer relationships with our stakeholders who includes but not limited to, clients, government, local authorities, the community at large and even our competitors, whom we would prefer to call our partners.



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Accra Compost and Recycling Limited


Accra Compost and Recycling Plant Limited was set up to facelift the provision of waste management services in the country. The Plant is set up to provide integrated processing and management of liquid and solid waste including domestic waste, hospital waste, industrial waste and e-waste.

We collect, sort, process and recycle solid and liquid waste and produce organic manure for agronomic purposes in Ghana and West Africa. The Plant also addresses the problem of plastic waste through sorting, collection, processing and recycling.

Currently there is a major problem with identification and acquisition of landfills for dumping of waste and it is expected that the Plant will eventually eliminate the need for landfill dump sites in the nearest future.

Apart from sharing its knowledge, technical and scientific experience in the field of waste management, the Accra Compost and Recycling Plant, will also be the focal point for training and research in the provision of effective waste processing and recycling.

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Sewerage Systems Ghana Limited


Sewerage Systems (Ghana) Limited (SSGL) is a private limited liability company that has the core mandate to provide engineering, construction and procurement services in the sewerage management industry in Ghana.

Our experienced, diligent and dedicated team of managerial, technical and financial resource managers together with an equally experienced, dedicated motivated and trained operational and maintenance work force ensures Quality services to all our clientele.

The mission of Sewerage Systems (Ghana) Limited is to provide the good people of Ghana starting with the Accra Metropolis with a decent and cost effective means of disposal of effluent and human sludge and to ensure the financial sustainability of the business.

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Alliance Waste


Alliance Waste, a registered Waste Management Service Provider. Our purpose is to address the operational challenges confronting waste management operators throughout Ghana. We provide a cutting edge technology solution in the management of waste and revenue collection in Ghana.

The establishment of Alliance Waste was influenced by a long standing national call for effective collaboration among stakeholders to address the challenges facing the waste management and sanitation industry in Ghana. Alliance Waste’s contribution in this regard is in the provision of waste management equipment as well as human and technical training.

We manage all waste management operators who signed on our platform their human, financial and material resource needs to promote best practice options for improved service standards for the mutual benefits of members.

Alliance Waste seeks to promote a platform for collaboration with management contractors to effectively collect and dispose of waste in Ghana as well as offering a practical means of building professional capacity across the industry.

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The waste management industry is seriously underdeveloped and untapped in Ghana as well as many West African countries. Ghana’s rapid economic growth, is resulting in the generation of increased human and industrial waste. Over the years, there has been growing recognition of the inability of traditional waste management systems to cope with the volumes of waste generated daily around us. New and improved methods of waste management that employ modern technologies with trained human resources are required to effectively take up the challenge of managing the waste in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The AISAWM - KNUST - Africa Institute of Sanitation and Waste Management has been established to help to meet the technological and human resource needs of the waste management industry. The Institute provides people with the required skills for efficient waste management using modern technology.

Our product is knowledge and our service is the provision of that knowledge to individuals, companies, and national or local governments. The Africa Institute of Sanitation & Waste management provides waste management training and education on the many benefits of waste management, such as how waste products could be used to generate income.

In partnership with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST), AISWaM intends to close the development gap in the waste management industry through research and development, education, and training. We believe that Ghana’s present and future generation should be equipped with the required skills to make Ghana and West Africa a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment through excellence in wastes management.

A number of events including the hosting of short, courses in partnership with the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and the inauguration of the Board of Trustees, have been held to mark the opening of the Institute (affiliated to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

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Zoom Beautification


Zoom Landscape and Beautification services (ZLB), is a landscape and horticulture company. ZLB has carved a niche in the landscape and horticultural industry with our specialty extending beyond soft and hard landscape. ZLB focuses on delivering quality landscape and horticultural services, with client satisfaction as a major priority. We have acquired experience through several landscape design, establishment and maintenanceworks.

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Zoom Cabin


Zoom has a Mission to operate the most reliable state of the art portable sanitation facilities and provide portable water and sanitation services in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner to help address the inadequate access to water and sanitation in Ghana. The company seeks to bridge the apparent gap in the provision of affordable, safe and healthy sanitation facility and services, provide intervention in the reduction and ultimate elimination of communicable diseases such as cholera which normally plague communities in which there is open and indiscriminate defecation while generating employment for the otherwise unemployed youths in urban and peri-urban areas.

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Zoom Janitorial


Zoom Janitorial Services has a mission to provide customers with all cleaning services in an environmentally friendly, completely trustworthy and professional manner and to utilize appropriate technology and well trained staff to offer quality yet affordable services that cannot be duplicated by our competitors. Zoom Janitorial intends keeping up with trendy ways of offering modern janitorial services to the general public through constant building of strong relations with affiliate janitorial services abroad. The organization has strong relations with partners in China, Dubai and the United States of America.

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