Improving the Lives of People

Fostering Development in Africa

Our Values

Through its broad spectrum of operations, the Jospong Group has created jobs for over 200 thousand youths in Ghana, thereby helping to improve standards of living and accelerating the general development of the country.


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 Our Mission  Our Vision  Our Values
 Improving the lives of people  To be the most successful African Holding company,
leading in every sector we operate.
 Godliness & Fellowship, Service & Excellence,
Stewardship, People Focused, Team Work






We have initiated and successfully grown businesses
in Ghana and across Africa and remain focused on building
strong partnership to foster development.








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Waste Management

Over the years, Waste management had been an albatross around the neck of community authorities in Ghana. Particularly in our major cities, where over 5,000tons of solid waste is generated daily.
Undoubtedly, The Jospong Group has carved a niche for itself as being the solution to this problem that befalls developing countries like Ghana. Waste Management has become more efficient in Ghana and indeed in Africa as a result of our innovative approach and influence in this sector.

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Banking & Finance

Ghana’s financial services sector can be classified into three main categories i.e., banking, insurance and capital markets. The sector has shown significant development over the past decade and the Jospong Groups is a major player in this industry. With its strong influence in the Banking and Insurance industries, reaching our customers satisfaction is always our goal.

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Software Development and ICT

Ghana is one of Africa’s largest Information Communications Technology (ICT) markets. The rest of the world has an opportunity to secure a share of one of the biggest cloud and data centre markets in the Africa. Being one of the major players in the industries in Ghana, the Jospong Group has over the years given its clients top notch services.

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Port Services & Logistics

We have been in the business of Logistics and Chain Supply for close to a decade and our services play a vital role in getting goods to customers in a timely and professional manner from any part of the world. Our range of services vary from sourcing of the raw materials to manufacturing and delivering the end product.

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  • The Jospong Group of Companies is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana with operations in other African countries and Asia.

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